I’m still learning to be where I am, whether that’s near or far, home or abroad. Some people say that you can be at home wherever you are. Maybe. But I like keeping home as it is–a fixed reality of one place, singular and steady; a port of call for a restless soul. Home is the framework that makes it all possible, the steady harbor, the friend that will always have you back no matter how long you’ve been gone.
Ben Liebing (via splitterherzen)

Anonymous said: Krytoria or Amtoria?


How could you do this to me?!!!
I can’t decide! Vic is a womanizer, I dunno. But recently (Krytoria is on air) , I suppose I choose Krytoria and later Amtoria, lol.

I mean look at Vic, she flirts so well, Vic please stop!
This is so intense right?!

Friends with benefits. The benefits, you get to be friends👯